FinanceDB. All your company’s financial data sources replicated into one place, searchable on the award-winning ElasticSearch platform. We synergise all your e-mail inboxes, cloud and server-located data files, scanned documents, and bank transactions into one integrated, AI-driven cluster. Every financial detail can be located and analysed. This gives you the leading edge in any situation: due diligences, tax audits, fraud detection, cost cutting.

Fraud Sniffer. In case you suspect fraud amongst your employees, peers or business partners, we will feed all available data from time-keeping systems, ERP platforms, GPS data, RFID-enabled entry card systems, credit card statements, log files, and unstructured data sets (such as spreadsheet documents) into our fraud sniffer. Fraudulent behavior is less linear, we connect the dots so you can sue with low risk. We have enabled private companies, the police, and governments to pursue legal action and regain substantial amounts of funds.

Data Forensics, Hosting, Encryption. All your data can be hosted in our EU- and non-EU locations. Scalable like AWS or any other cloud provider, with less cost and far better control. As an additional plus we encrypt sensitive data sets for utmost security, for your eyes only.

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